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Miller/Cook & Associates, Inc. provides access to a library of articles and white papers designed to help institutional leaders better understand critical enrollment management practices. Please feel free to download any documents that may assist you in your strategic planning.

The Miller/Cook & Associates, Inc. library is updated frequently, please check back for new articles!

Capital Gains: Surviving in an Increasingly For-Profit World

In The Wizard of Oz, Dorothy pulls back the curtain to reveal the wizard as an ordinary human being, and Oz as a place quite different from what she had envisioned. This is not unlike the experience of first-time presidents of nonprofit colleges and universities, who step into the job and pull back the presidential curtain - however, they often discover that the position entails far more than they had expected. (View article)

Making Steps to a Brighter Future

How can two small institutions such as Mayville State University and Valley City State University remain viable in a tight financial situation? That is the question and main focus for six members of a consulting team hired by MSU and WCSU. Each member of the team has their own area of expertise.
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