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Miller/Cook & Associates, Inc. is committed to providing clients affordable professional consulting services to a wide range of institutions and organizations. All of our services are designed to meet the unique needs of each of our clients with consideration given institutional mission and culture and desired outcomes.

Institutional and Enrollment Analysis

Miller/Cook & Associates, Inc. professionals perform a comprehensive review and analysis of the institutional recruitment practices, policies, internal processes, and philosophies presently in place on your campus. Both external and internal variables that impact the effectiveness of these practices and processes are examined as part of the review process. Institutional data from admissions, financial aid, business office, institutional research, academic and student services are considered. Clients receive a comprehensive written report outlining institutional strengths and weaknesses including specific recommendations for improvement.

Strategic Positioning/Institutional Image

Ways to improve both recruiting effectiveness and institutional visibility in your local, regional and national markets. Our professionals will help you investigate the implications of changing demographics upon your recruitment and re-recruitment processes.

Enrollment Integration/Operation

The new and continued enrollment of students is the shared responsibility of a number of offices and people on your campus. Miller/Cook & Associates, Inc. can help representatives across your campus better understand the importance of their roles in the recruitment process and make recommendations to integrate institutional practice, process and policy. In addition, Miller/Cook & Associates, Inc. professionals can help you link enrollment strategies to your institution's strategic and long-range plans, helping to ensure that the content and delivery of your curricular and co-curricular programming address the needs of the audiences you are attempting to enroll.


What is inviting about being a sophomore on your campus? The professionals at Miller/Cook & Associates, Inc. believe that your institution should have in place initiatives and strategies intended to provide students specific reasons for their continued enrollment. While institutions commonly have in place recruitment strategies for new students, most lack similar strategies intended to strengthen and sustain the interest of enrolled students. Miller/Cook & Associates, Inc. can review your institution's re-recruitment program and identify creative ways to sustain the interest of your currently enrolled students.

Integrated Communication

Communication to and from your institution occurs in a variety of ways: face-to-face, online, in print, and on the telephone. Miller/Cook & Associates, Inc. will help integrate all of your communication efforts into an overall communications strategy. We will review your existing systems and practices to ensure the proper processes and data collection are taking place. This review includes a comprehensive analysis of your institution's website, including functionality, look and feel and content.

External Assessment Services – Secret Shopping

Many major industries use some form of secret shopping to help evaluate the quality of their services and products. It is very common for a bank or major retailer to secret shop their customer service operations to evaluate whether the service provided by employees is meeting both company and customer expectations. In our work with colleges and universities, we find that the quality of service provided by enrollment staff to prospective and returning students influences enrollment outcomes. Miller/Cook & Associates is now offering a service to the higher education community that provides institutional leadership a tool to both evaluate and monitor the quality of service provided to students. Our Silent Service Assessment™ makes use of secret shoppers trained to collect data and conduct evaluations of products and services according to specific research protocols within the higher education market. We consider all forms of service delivery including print and online media and the “in person” experience. This third - party unbiased perspective on the quality of service provided to students and parents helps colleges and universities develop student - centered customer service approaches.


Financial Aid Operational Audits

Many financial aid departments meet compliance requirements adequately but fall short in how they support an institution's overall enrollment goals. A Financial Aid Operational Audit provides institutions with a review of how the financial aid function is operating by looking at policies and procedures, workflow design, human resources and the use of information technology. What makes our service unique is that it also includes a review of how the financial aid function integrates with other enrollment management functions including admissions, student accounts and the registrar. The service also considers how the financial aid function supports the retention and re-recruitment of students.

Financial Aid Compliance Evaluations

Financial Aid Compliance Evaluations offer a thorough evaluation of an institution's compliance with federal, state and institutional financial aid regulations. During an onsite visit, consultants meet with staff to gather information and data related to compliance. Clients receive a detailed report that identifies both strengths and weaknesses of an institution's compliance with financial aid regulations and rules. The report also provides written recommendations for improvement.

Tuition Discount & Net Revenue Reviews

Executive leadership and middle management's understanding of the principles of tuition discounting and net revenue are necessary for the successful management of institutional financial aid resources. It is common to find differences in interpretation and understanding of tuition discounting among trustees, executive administrators and financial aid administrators at the same institution. These differences often result in a lack of alignment of strategic and financial goals and financial aid packaging strategies. A Tuition Discount and Net Revenue Review provides a review of an institution's tuition discount rate and net revenue goals. It includes an evaluation of the understanding and application of tuition discounting across campus constituents, helps identify the influencers of the discount rate at the institution, and helps determine whether the financial aid awarding strategies are aligned with discounting and net revenue goals.

Competitive Market Financial Aid Analysis

Many colleges and universities have admissions departments that provide a competitive edge. Unfortunately, that edge gets lost when it comes to financial aid. A Competitive Market Financial Aid Analysis provides an institution with a review of how competitive its financial aid function is within the marketplace. It helps identify ways to improve how to the financial aid function supports the recruitment and retention of students. The review also includes market research on what an institution's competitors are doing in terms of merit scholarships and financial aid awarding practices. The benefit of this service is that it helps an institution make its financial aid strategies, policies and procedures competitive with overlap institutions. This helps improve admission and retention efforts



Mergers Acquisitions & Succession Planning

Miller/Cook & Associates can assist boards of trustees and corporate owners of schools complete due diligence and merger and acquisition assessments. Areas we consider in these services include enrollment and revenue projections, financial aid regulatory compliance, program viability and market assessment. Whether you are a president or a chairman of a board of a not-for-profit or the COO of a private equity group considering a school purchase or sale, we can assist you with your due diligence. We can also assist you with both leadership and operational succession support.

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